Antonio Jumpa

Morality in Peru

17 Mayo 2024 - 13:31

We can also affirm that the people's awareness of the negative perception of morality can change. 

Pérdida de árboles se duplicó en Pque. Cordillera Azul pese a programa

31 Mar 2023 - 11:35

Situación pone en duda si el proyecto que rige sobre el parque para la venta de créditos de carbono ha cumplido su promesa de contrarrestar las emisiones de empresas.

Legal alternatives to the crisis. The UNMSM and a transitional government

31 Ene 2023 - 23:51

In order to overcome the political crisis that afflicts Peru, university professor Antonio Peña Jumpa develops his proposal for a transitional government, a challenge that tests the viability of a country that effectively recognizes its social and...

Protests in Lima and a transitional government, by Peña Jumpa

20 Ene 2023 - 11:12

The Jurisdictional Power of the State (Judicial Power, Public Prosecutor's Office and Constitutional Court) and the Police and Military Forces have the duty to understand the current context and respect the constitutional order that emanates from...

Legal alternatives after the new social protests in Peru.

14 Ene 2023 - 16:06

The livelihood of a state is not to be found in its rulers, let alone in military or police institutions. It is the people who sustain it.